The Jute fibre based industry holds a significant position in the Indian economy. The National Jute Board (NJB) under the Min. of Textiles, Gov. of India has launched “Jute Mark India” (JMI) Scheme on 9th July 2022.Textiles Committee, Min. of Textiles, Govt. of India implements the JMI scheme across India. JMI Scheme enables the registered users to avail JMI Labels on jute products containing minimun 50% jute fibre. The Unique QR coaded JMI lables provides a collective identity to the Jute and Jute Diversified Products. These lables can be used not only for popularizing the jute products but also serve as an assurance for the buyers. All involved in manufacture, crafts (artisans), entities like Artisans, Apex Co-op Societies & Development Corporations, Traders, Retailer, Manufacturer Exporter, Merchant Exporter, Central Govt. and State Govt. sponsored body, Self Help Groups (SHGs), Individual entrepreneurs, etc can register under JMI scheme.

For more information on JMI scheme please visit: https://textilescommittee.nic.in/jute-mark-india